“Hooked” is a  play featuring seven of the most notorious and eccentric females in recent 20th Century history –  Women hobbled by history, powerful men and strong liquor.

Performed by award winning actress Nicky Guadagni and based on a book of brilliant poems by Canadian poet Carolyn Smart, Professor of Creative Writing at Queens University, Hooked looks into the tumultuous lives of Myra Hindley, Unity Mitford, Zelda Fitzgerald, Dora Carrington, Elizabeth Smart, Carson McCullers and Jane Bowles

Outstanding Performance Nicky Guadagni …Dora Mavor Moore Award 2014/15

Guadagni will leave you beguiled… Brilliant”. The Globe and Mail

A mesmerizing stage presence that drew me in as soon as she stepped into the spotlight… Mooney on Theatre

A beautifully rendered performance… Guadagni brings out the inner life of these remarkable women with finesse, nuance and committed respect.”
Lynn Slotkin

The performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Seattle Fringe Festival won many accolades from critics and audience alike.

Nicky embodies these seven women don’t miss it! ….BBC Radio Scotland Culture Studio
4Stars-1Memorable, Thoughtful Performance~ Highly Recommended THE LIST (Edinburgh Fringe)
A Master Class in Minimalist Performance BROADWAY BABY(Edinburgh Fringe)

4Stars-1Mesmerizing…..Makes for Compulsive Viewing….Guadagni is a Consummate Stage Performer…THE TIMES Alan Radcliffe

 What the audience is saying:
“Brilliant”    “Captivating”   “Stunning performance”    “Amazing theatre”

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