“The arresting actor makes fine use of the imagistically sharp and often humorous text. Under Layne Coleman’s direction, this is a production to savour for its language and performance.”
Jon Kaplan – Now Magazine

“Talk about home theatre. With ‘Hooked,’ all the home’s a stage, and every room a theatre in the round. This is dinner theatre as dinner party. ‘Hooked’ is intimate, exciting, and wildly original. It unfolds as a luxurious tasting menu of drama, dining and house tour. With nothing but the pure alchemy of acting, Nicky Guadagni shape-shifts into seven infamous but very different women. Making each room her set, she delivers an exquisite, note-perfect performance — tuned to the moment, to the room and to the character she’s inhabiting. Hooked is a tour-de-force.
Brian D. Johnson, Macleans

“If you’re looking for a very special and different kind of evening, here’s one for you. One of my very favorite actresses of all time, takes care of that with fascinating glimpses of famous women of history, brought out one after another, in home theatre.

Nicky Guadagni’s spirited and flawless incantations, are brought to the party, and woven – one after another – interspersed with specially thought-out hor-doevres, and dinner. Do yourself a favour. Give it a shot. You won’t be sorry!

Talk about your house warmings.”
Gordon Pinsent

” Hooked is delicious. Carolyn’s words. Nicky’s performance. Sandy’s food and drink. Sensual, intelligent, audience in motion, art in a dreamy atmosphere, fellowship, ease. The way theatre ought to be.”
Jim Garrard

” With the spectacular Nicky Guadagni as our guide to the inner worlds of seven formidable women, Hooked is an unforgettable evening of theatre staged in the most deeply theatrical of venues, the home. A brilliantly conceived and performed event, with a luscious five star seven course dinner. “
Judith Thompson

“Hooked was by far one of my three favourite theatrical experiences of this year – the other two were Broadway shows in New York City. I say experience because it is much more than an evening of theatre. It is taste, smell, feel and the slightly wicked sensation of delving intimately into another’s life. Nicky is transcendent in every role. The food and drink we were served was utterly delectable. My friend and I walked away totally inspired and definitely hooked.”
Rosa Laborde

“There are two things I’ve always hated – couscous and chickpeas – and I can’t stop eating this couscous and I can’t stop eating these chickpeas.”
Sturla Bruun-Mayer, Host

“I have a confession to make. When I left Leslie Lester’s, I took three butter tarts home in my purse. ”
Anne Merriman, a Guest

“Is there crack in these cupcakes or what? I’ve had six.”
Glen, a Guest

“Who ate all the cupcakes?”
Anne Merriman, a Host

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Hooked is a serious of monologues based on the book by Carolyn Smart. Developed and performed by Nicky Guadagni

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