Hooked in House

Nicky in doorwayBECOME A HOST
“Hooked in House”  an intimate experience in a private home encompassing the monologues, eating, drinking, and lively discussion. You invite twelve to twenty-four guests to your home for a three-hour get together. Your home is re-imagined as a place where theatre happens… with your lighting and set pieces. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. The movement of the poems to different locations—the dining room, the garden, the upstairs bedroom—lends an authenticity to this piece that’s beyond a stage set. The poetry comes alive; you enter into Smart’s writing in a physically involving way. Imaginative food and drink accompany the journey. Visualize sipping a fresh lemon cocktail in the garden while Zelda charms you by dipping her bare toe into the pond. Or seeing Elizabeth Smart lounging on the deck with her gardening boots while you eat an appetizer…..

The production of a single performer and caterer lends itself well to fundraisers and has been booked at parties for St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Because I am a Girl, and the Literary Review of Canada.

In the past two years nearly 40 shows through word of mouth have been booked by both corporate and private organization

 Details about becoming a host….. for “Hooked in House” or  contact: booking@hookedtheplay.ca


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