The Play

 Seven dramatic monologues from the book by Carolyn Smart,
performed by Nicky Guadagni, directed by Layne Coleman

One actress seven fascinating women Hooked’s monologues are intimate glimpses of famous women in 2oth century history. Seven formidable women from the past unveil their secrets and reveal what’s behind their reputation.


Myra Hindley, Moors Murders; Unity Mitford, Hitler’s English Girlfriend; Zelda Fitzgerald, the Original Flapper; Dora Carrington, Bloomsbury Group;
Elizabeth Smart, Writer “By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept”
Carson McCullers, Writer “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”
Jane Bowles, Writer “Two Serious Ladies”
…they were all “hooked”
 more about the seven women

Guadagni becomes our guide to the inner worlds of these formidable women; in a production to be savoured for its language and presentation.

An adaptable theatre piece suitable for a diversity of venues.

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Photo Credit: Michael Cooper



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