The Seven Women

Unity Valkyrie Mitford

front_women_unityborn 1914 – died 1948. One of six daughters of a titled British family.
She was besotted with Adolf Hitler and became a member of his entourage



Elizabeth Smart

front_women_smartborn 1913 – died 1986. She was from a prominent Ottawa family.
Her novella, By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept
is considered a classic of poetic pros


Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald

front_women_zeldaborn 1900 – died 1948. Zelda Sayre was a
novelist, dancer, and artist,married to F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Her husband called her “the first American flapper”


Dora Carrington

front_women_carringtonborn 1893 – died 1932. Carrington was a British painter and decorative artist.
She is remembered in part for her association with the Bloomsbury Group.
She has been called “the most neglected serious painter of her time


Carson McCullers

front_women_carsonborn 1917 – died 1967. McCullers wrote with great empathy for her characters,who were mostly outcasts and misfits in the South.Two of her best known works are The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and The Member of the Wedding.


Myra Hindley

front_women_myraborn 1942 – died 2002. Myra Hindley and her partner, Ian Brady, committed the “Moors Murders” – brutally murdering at least five children in and around Manchester, England in the early 1960’s. Myra was described by the press as “the most evil woman in Britain”, and to this day is considered the most despised woman in British history.


Jane Bowles

front_women_janeborn 1917 – died 1973. Tennessee Williams
called her “the most underrated writer of
fiction in American literature”.


My body was electric
The Fuhrer’s splendour pouring through me
I was an angel in Bavaria



This is what I want: art, love, and children
Do not stoop to offer less than everything




We were big drinkers, bad spellers, fast spenders
We were spoiled children



I loved Lytton Strachey for all time
No matter he’s a sodomite
And I a person of separate artistic degree



My body’s the transgressor
Or was it but the drink




“What’s all the noise about?”Gran asked,
“It’s just the dogs” I said




“Good writing is like guilt
But I cannot find that way again
So cook and serve and drink and make them laugh”











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